Planting Churches Among Portuguese-Speaking Peoples Worldwide

This work is located in a former Portuguese enclave in Asia. The religious makeup of this region is assorted, including historical roots in Catholicism.

Hisportic Christian Mission launched this work in the beginning of 2020.  Our first months were touch-and-go with lockdowns and food shortages, but God helped us navigate past the barriers and into fruitful outreach. 

Today we are holding Home Prayer Meetings, meetings on Sunday at two sites, distributing food to hungry families, drafting plans to help children with their education, and establishing a recycling plant that will give local families the opportunity to work and to worship.


As we reach out to our community, our community reaches out to us.  We are often invited into homes to pray for families and share stories of God and His love.  This Asian country uses many languages.  Sometimes even next door neighbors cannot communicate with one another due to language barriers.  We formed a network of believers who know multiple languages and use them as translators for these home meetings.  At times, the prayer requests are intense.  We are often asked to pray for healing and deliverance, and God shows up in His power and grace.



Currently we hold Sunday gatherings outdoors at two recycling centers.  Our goal is to find one centralize building that will accommodate both groups and be used exclusively for that purpose.  As we continue to develop the recycling ministry/business, we aim to use it as a means to reach new families and generate new groups.



The pandemic ravaged an already impoverished region and created needs that could not be ignored.  With designated donations from our supporters, we provided food for orphanages and dozens of families for over 6 months.



BAM Stands for Business as Mission.  It is a method of missions that incorporates “For Profit Business” with daily ministry to its workers.  Usually, we think of business and ministry as different entities that share little in common.  BAM breaks that mold and sees the business itself as a ministry.

Many countries today do not offer religious visas. BAM opens opportunities to enter a country and offer work for local families.  

Many people in these countries have no opportunity to work or hope or dream or provide.  For millions of families, there is little to no means of building a future.  BAM generates the means to extend work to those who would otherwise have no prospect of supporting themselves and their families.

Many people in these countries have no opportunity to hear good news.  They are spiritually bound and have no one to guide them to God.  BAM opens the door to good news.

Many traditional methods rely on crisis donations.  These donations are much needed, but seldom provide long-term solutions.  BAM builds on a business/ministry model that becomes self-sustaining and lasting.  This model provides employment to the unemployable and generates profits that serve to expand the business, hire more workers, subsidize local ministries, and reach more people with good news.

God has led us to recycling as a viable Business As Mission.  In this part of Asia, there is a vast supply of recyclables and a great number of vendors to purchase the recycled goods.  We believe these factors give us the opportunity to provide good employment, housing, education, and spiritual formation to many families.