Planting Churches Among Portuguese-Speaking Peoples Worldwide

Hisportic Christian Mission is searching for missionaries who may be called to work in this small Southeast Asian country.  This island-nation is a relatively new democracy where close to 85% of its population is 25 and under.  War from an invading foreign force decimated its people for 24 years and wiped out most of its older population.  This younger generation is ready to put the past behind and move ahead.  The window of opportunity is wide open for the Gospel, but this prospect will not last indefinitely. 

“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’?                                                                                                                            I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest now.” JESUS (Jn 4:35)


Because this country’s age demographic is so young, the opportunities for ministry among children, youth, and young adults are countless in the city and the countryside. 


While interviewing a missionary who receives university students into his home nightly, we asked, “What is your most pressing need?”  His answer was immediate: “Discipleship!”  “There is urgency,” he continued, “to spend time with these students, teach them from God’s Word, and show them how to follow Christ.”


Young university students are flooding into the capital city to study and find a future.  They are coming from outlying villages where they were raised in animistic environments.  Knowing that their country needs help to redefine its identity, these students want to make a difference.  However, for every 20,000 university graduates each year, there are 1,500 open jobs.  Their future prospects for employment are tenuous.


This age-group is the future of the nation and they are at a stage in which they are searching for significance and truth.  The window of opportunity for the Gospel is wide open, but this grace period WILL NOT LAST LONG and once it is closed it MAY NEVER OPEN AGAIN.

Hisportic Christian Mission is searching for missionaries who will answer the call to minister in this critical mission field.