Our Leadership

Planting Churches Among Portuguese-Speaking Peoples Worldwide

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Tim Shields, aka, Timóteo

Tim has been HCM’s Executive Director since 2015. He grew up in central Brazil where his parents served as missionaries for close to 40 years.  In his 20’s, Tim himself served as a missionary to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Okinawa, South Korea, and Mexico.  In this time, his ministry focus was Evangelism, Discipleship, Preaching, Teaching and Translation.  Tim is trilingual with a command of English and Portuguese, and high proficiency in Spanish.

After serving four years in the Marine Corps, Tim earned four degrees of study: Bachelor of Science in Cross-Cultural Ministry, Master of Arts in New Testament, Master of Divinity in Christian Care and Counseling, and Board Certification as a VA Chaplain under NAVAC.

Tim also served in the preaching ministry for eighteen years in four churches in Georgia, Tennessee, and Oregon. 


From left to right: Tom Moen, Hudson de Oliveira, Chub Nance, Jeff Heins, Anna Seley, Gail Long, Tim Shields,
Wayne Long, Peter Moen, Dwayne Dickson.  Missing is our newest member, Martie Roe.

This group of great leaders is Hisportic Christian Mission’s current Board of Directors.  Among them are ministers, missionaries, church secretaries, veterinarians, and businessmen.  All of them are members of partnering churches who share HCM’s vision.  This group meets annually to oversee the mission’s operations.  Throughout the year, we stay in touch through reports, communications, and phone calls.  Many of our board members also have “skin in the game” as they participate in our short-term missions projects and help with new church plants.  We are fortunate to work with such a committed team.